Topics - Nothing's Beyond Reach

Butch works with leaders to create presentations specifically designed for their organization. Taking their obstacles and challenges, he builds his stories of overcoming around a company’s game plan. Through laughter and emotional story-telling, Butch empowers audiences to take action and find solutions. He is masterful at conveying to audiences that the “impossible is possible.”


Nothings Beyond Reach With The Right Game Plan
In this presentation Butch shares how every business needs an objective to focus on and a plan of attack, helping audiences see their talents and skills. Butch shares how he became a successful tennis pro, golf entertainer, coach, and speaker by developing a plan, overcoming the obstacles, and growing through adversity.

Learning To Play The Hand Your Dealt
Each person or company has a unique set of circumstances. We all have specific talents, abilities. and gifts to work with. By telling stories of how he navigates the world with short arms by learning not to focus on what he doesn’t have but on what he does have and building from there. Butch shares how to play the cards your dealt and adapt for success.


Unleash Your Faith
What would happen if you got of the sidelines and into the game? Butch teaches how to embrace and recognize the time, talent and assets God has given each of us. Butch reveals the moments God has used him and how he can use each of us. He shows people the impact they can make by playing for a winning team- God’s team. The program will inspire you to shine your light.

Making The Impossible Possible
In this presentation Butch shares how to get past fear and failure. He speaks about how to live outside the box and in God’s world. There the impossible is always possible. Butch teaches that “nothing’s beyond reach” with God.


Playing With Purpose
Potential is not enough. One has to play with a purpose to achieve results. In a captivating and inspiring message, Butch shares sports stories of overcoming the challenges of learning to play seven sports. He speaks about learning to recognize your weaknesses and your strengths to improve. The presentation empowers one to succeed and play with purpose and significance.

Winning On Game Day
Learning to win on Game Day is big. Learning how to prepare yourself physically and mentally to take the pressure is where it all starts. How to react when success comes your way and learning from your failures is the next step. This topic focuses on character, concentration of will, how to focus and how to win.